We stand tall for innovation not returns!

Many entrepreneurs know how to be successful in raising venture capital – but Angels are not VCs and the same rules and expectations simply don’t apply. The odds of raising angel financing are higher than raising venture capital, and in some instances it may be all the financing you need. If you would like to learn more about presenting to Satoshi Angels, please email


We seek extraordinary founders with product vision, a laser focus on execution and unlimited ambition who want to build high growth companies. We focus on seed and early stage investments. Most companies we fund are seeking to raise an investment round of $500k to $1.5M in either preferred stock or convertible notes. We frequently lead investment rounds and take a board seat. We also actively syndicate and invest alongside other angel groups, individual angels and venture funds. We believe in high engagement with entreprenuers and the businesses we invest in. Our team has deep expertise in the Fintech sector and our investments are focussed in this area.


Companies that meet our investment criteria will be invited to meet with SA staff. The objective of this meeting is to have a conversation about your business, explore how we can work together, and share feedback on your presentation and fundraising goals. An investor deck is typically a good framework for guiding the dialog. Each month, SA staff will meet with 10+ companies, of which 4 will be invited to present to SA Screening Committee.


The Satoshi Angels Screening Committee is composed of about 10 of SA’s most active and experienced angels. The company will deliver a 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minute Q&A. Each month, 2 companies will be invited by the Screening Committee to present at the Member Meeting.


During this meeting, companies will have the opportunity to network with the entire SA membership. Companies will also deliver a 15 minute presentation followed by a 5 minute Q&A. Angels interested in following up will sign up to conduct due diligence.


We target to complete due diligence and provide an investment decision within 4 weeks. Typically a SA member will step up to lead the process on behalf of the SA investor group, so you will interact through that single point of contact. We invest in about half the companies that present at the Member Meeting.